Problem in installing ANSYS Student

I have problem in installing ANSYS Student. I checked install.err file, but I don't know how to solve it. This is error message I got.

###### Error #######
   Error executing configuration script 'C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812\config\AnsConfigCommon.tcl'
   '"C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812\tcl\bin\winx64\tclsh.exe" "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812\config\AnsConfigCommon.tcl"  -installdir "C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student" -rev 211 -dotrev 2021 R1 -scripttosource "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812\config\ConfigCommon.tcl" -sourcedir "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812" -os_lang ko -install ' terminated after 1 attempts with the following error(s): 
       Unknown error
   Exit Code: 1
   couldn't read file "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\ans_install_tmp14812\config\AnsConfigCommon.tcl": no such file or directory

I got multiple errors similar with this for other tcl files such as AnsConfigTG.tcl, AnsConfigLicClient.tcl, AnsConfigACP.tlc, etc.

How can I solve this?


  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 161Ansys Employee


    Make sure you extract the files from the download before running the setup.exe.

    Also, When running setup.exe, right click on it and choose:

    more->run as administrator

    Please let me know if this helps!


  • LeeHansolLeeHansol Posts: 2Member

    I used run as administrator, but it didn't helped the problem.

    Should I extract the every WINX64.7z files in the folders? I think there's too many WINX64 files in this, and I didn't need to extract every files when I installed ANSYS in another computer before.

  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 161Ansys Employee


    No, just extract the download package into a temp directory, like: c:\ANSYSDownload

    One other thought would be to check for virus scanning software. Try disabling it, then install.

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