Ansys Compatablity Errors

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Dear All,

I have a submission soon, and due to lockdown my university has prevented me from accessing the labs any longer, so now I am using the remote Linux server. For some reason, there are serious issues with ANSYS 19.2 Academic (not Student). If anyone could help, it would be immensely appreciated

There seem to be two issues. The first is a problem with the UI: the model clips and disappears whenever I rotate or move it, preventing me from seeing the mesh and adding new weird new parts that don't highlight when you click on them under Geometry and which then have to be suppressed. The second issue is a JavaScript error as shown in one of the images. Please help me understand what I could do to solve this as I have tried many things like going to the graphics driver, changing between Raster and Native, and changing between OpenGL2.0 and 3.0 and XRender, etc. I have imported the parts and if I am not mistaken this is the scientific Linux. Note also that I do not have admin rights to control the version, nor will my university help in that regard.

Thank you very much.


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    The performance of the remote graphics may depend upon the remote graphics method, whether it is a supported method, uses most recent graphics card drivers or not etc.

    For the Java Script error you can try the below

    1: Close any open ANSYS software

    2: /ansys_inc/v192/aisol/wbcleanup -cmd mwcleanup -s

    3: mv ~/.mw ~/.mwold

    4: mv ~/.ansys ~/.ansysold

    5: mv ~/.config/ANSYS ~/.config/ANSYSold

    6: mv /tmp/Mw_${user} /tmp/Mw_${user}old

    7: mv /tmp/ANSYS.${user}.192 /tmp/ANSYS.${user}.192old

    then launch software again

    I hope this helps

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