HEAT norm length solver question

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Good Morning ANSYS community,

I am using Lumerical currently to monitor the thermal effect on a wave guide. Below I have attached the picture of my model where the heater is in dark gray and the waveguide is imbedded in a layer of SiO2. When using the norm length which I have set at 100um (1mm), this is the devices length in the z-direction. My question is if my waveguide is longer than my heater, will there not be a residual thermal effect at the two ends of the heater which propagate past the 100um distance I have set now? This thermal effect would slightly effect the waveguides temperature at points >100 Does lumerical take this into consideration? How can I model this?

I have attached a solidworks image below to hopefully aid in the understanding of my question. Essentially, how I interpret it, the norm length is solving for everything in blue, but one the heater ends some of that thermal will effect the waveguide running past the boxes of red.


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    In 2D the norm length scales the indicated cross section, so to include the effects due to non-uniformity you would need to run a 3D simulation. This could mean a much longer simulation time depending on the size of your structure.

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