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(1) Does the single license work for the public server?

(2)Our workstation contains several computers, and the local network interconnects them. We would like to know when we insert the license on the server, can the Lumerical FDTD automatically use all the resources in the network? Or, we must configure it manually? Is there any document, e.g., user manual, that introduces these functions?


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    Dear Lito,

    Thanks a lot for your reply. For the 1st question, it is clear to me.

    Then, to the 2nd question, I would like to know whether Lumerical FDTD can parallel computation, i.e., use all resources (computers' cores) in the local network to speed up the simulation. Here, my question is not the parallel computation in one PC but the benefits of all computers in the network. If it is, can Lumerical do it automatically? or we must configure it manually?

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    @WangZongzhao, Yes FDTD can run parallel across several machines/nodes in a cluster or high speed network. See this section in our KB for details on running on clusters.

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