Student License and It's Shallow Capability

I installed this software to learn and to be comfortable with it.

-I cannot use beta features properly. (Licensing issue.)

-I cannot export or link my meshes created on SpaceClaim. (It allows you to create a mesh on SpaceClaim but it doesn't allow you to export it.)

It is not just about the 2 of them listed above, there are so many restrictions that limits your learning that it begins to be frustrating at some point. I cannot truly apply what I read from the official ansys documentation.

I want to explore the software but turns out it is impossible.


  • RobRob UKPosts: 9,127Forum Coordinator

    As a new user I'd not recommend trying the beta features, they're slightly hidden for a reason: namely that the results may not be what you're expecting.

    Not aware of any limitations on SpaceClaim meshing, but check the cell count as there are limiters on that. Similarly, other than limits on core and cell count the software is identical to the full commercial version.

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