STL and other file type missing for save as

I am using and learning the SpaceClaim 2021 R1 and try to save a simple cubeoid structure (a solid) to a stl file shown in the image below.

However, in my 'save as window' I only have the 'SpaceClaim files (*.scdoc)' choice while I thought there should be many more choices.

Based on a post from someone else and their discussion in this link. It seems like my software is not installed properly.

There might be somewhere I need to install something called 'Translators'. But I did not see it at all during the installation while I have re-installed the Ansys software more than THREE times.

When I install the software, I only have the 'setup.exe' as the installer and there is no such a choice asks about 'Translators'. Once I check the agreement and select the folder for downloading, it immediately start the installation without any other choices. I have run the 'setup.exe' as an administrator and it over-wrote my previous installation, yet no changes happened.

The next of this page is the auto installation.

Nothing else I could do.

May I know is there a way to manually check the 'Translators'?

Really hope someone could help me.


  • RobRob UKPosts: 9,127Forum Coordinator

    I think we removed some of the other options in SpaceClaim for the Student build: you don't need other formats for use in the rest of the Ansys products.

  • DmArcherDmArcher Posts: 4Member

    Thank you for the reply.

    Does this mean that the student version is not capable of saving files into other format? If need to save to export into other format, I need the full version.

  • RobRob UKPosts: 9,127Forum Coordinator

    Potentially, the table of features we have has no CAD interfaces for Student SpaceClaim, but some/most are available in the paid Academic versions that your University will have.

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