Can I model the two photon absorption (TPA) effect in FDTD?

chris_kopetskichris_kopetski Ansys Employee Posts: 28

It may be possible to simulate these effects (at least partially) but it's very challenging since we don't provide the required material model. That said, you may find the follow thesis/reference interesting. There are some information about how other people trying to simulation these effects using an FDTD method. At the very end of this thesis (Integrated Nanoplasmonic Waveguides and Devices for All-Optical Nanocircuitry) contains some source code of a TPA plugin. The code also referenced this paper (FDTD Analysis of Two-Photon Absorption and Free-Carrier Absorption in Si High-Index-Contrast Waveguides) for the material information including other effects, such as Free Carrier Absorption (FCA), Kerr, and more.

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