Is there a material model that includes all nonlinear effects that exist for Silicon?

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Is there a material model that includes all nonlinear effects that exist for Silicon for use in FDTD Solutions? For example, kerr, two-photon absorption, raman, free-carrier, and thermal processes.


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    We don’t have a single material model that is capable of simulating all possible nonlinear processes that can exist within a material. FDTD does provide many different material models, including a number nonlinear models (eg. Kerr, chi, etc). The choice of material model will depend on the specific process that you wish to study. I will need to know more about the application you are interested in studying before I can recommend a specific material model for you. I suggest you look at the list of non-linear material models.

    It is also important to recognize that nonlinear simulations are much more complicated to simulate, relative to linear simulations. Before starting your simulations, I suggest reviewing the Non-linear section of our knowledge base.

    Finally, it is possible to write your own material models using the flexible material plugin framework. This is an interesting feature, but I should point out that it is a very advanced feature that requires the user to have a very high level of knowledge about the FDTD method. We do not provide support for developing custom material plugins.

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