Convergence issues for FDTD simulation of plasmonic gold nanowire

chris_kopetskichris_kopetski Ansys Employee Posts: 28
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I am trying to get the plasmonic modes on a gold nanowire placed over a gold thin film. The results are not converging and the auto shut off level is not decreasing.

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  • chris_kopetskichris_kopetski Posts: 59Ansys Employee

    The FDTD convergence testing page is the best place to find tips and methodology to help with convergence testing.

    A few specific suggestions:

    • The simulation volume is larger than it needs to be. Just include about 1/2 a wavelength of space around the edge of the structure
    • Start by using a larger mesh so the simulation runs faster
    • Add a movie monitor so you can see where the instability in the fields comes from

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