How to set the search index of the mode solver in EME with a script

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By the default setting of EME, the searching index was defined as “use max index”, but in my case, the waveguide is not the highest index material in a simulation region. Usually, I used the following scripts to do that in the FDE

set(“search”, “near n”);
set(“use max index”, 0);
set(“n”, core_index);

How do I make that type of change in the EME solver?

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  • chris_kopetskichris_kopetski Posts: 59Ansys Employee

    Use the seteigensolver command: 

    Here's a simple example that changes the mode solver settings for cell 1 of the EME solver

    set("allow custom eigensolver settings",1);
    seteigensolver("number of trial modes",25);
    seteigensolver("use max index",0);


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    Related to this:

    How can I custom select specific modes for each cell group? Say for example for group span 2 with cell nos 7-12, I want to select modes 4,5 and 7 only. Or alternatively, how to set the search for modes in a range like we can with FDE? That particular property seems to be inactive.

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    Unfortunately, EME does not allow users to select specific modes. However, you can take some measures to get the modes

    1: use symmetry type of BCs to get ride of modes with unwanted polarization, if the modes desired have such symmetry property;

    2: search the modes around a specific refractive index

    However, both method may not give the modes with specific mode number.

    Please note that using symmetry BCs will give you mode list different from without it. A reliable way might be to check the polarization, and the neff.

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