Ansys Insight: Multithreading in Lumerical Multiphysics solvers

LitoLito Ansys Employee Posts: 25
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Setting the threads/cores to use when running Lumerical Multiphysics simulations.

By default, Multiphysics solvers; CHARGE, HEAT, FEEM, DGTD and MQW will run the simulation job using all available cores/threads on your machine. The thread/core count can be changed in your simulation.

  1. Open your project/simulation file.
  2. Select and Edit the solver object.
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  4. From the multithreading drop down option, choose 'set thread count'.
  5. Enter the number of threads or use the up/down arrow to change the number.

See also: Lumerical solver, accelerator and Ansys HPC license consumption

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