In prony shear relaxation model what is Relative moduli?

looking at literature i am provided with shear relaxation modulus ratio, is that the same.? if not how can i find the relative moduli, tried searching for it but can't find much about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

thank you.


  • 1shan1shan Posts: 374Ansys Employee

    Hello @srep123,

    You need the elastic properties of the material, along with the shear relaxation data (shear modulus vs time). Once you have this data you need to perform a curve fitting process to find out the relative moduli and corresponding relaxation time. This discussion might help you with the curve fitting process. You may refer 4.7. Viscoelasticity ( for the terminology which ANSYS uses. Also, please check the literature that you are referring to for definition of "shear relaxation modulus ratio". I believe it is the ratio of shear relaxation modulus/instantaneous shear modulus (at t=0) and since ANSYS deals with normalized numbers during the fitting process, you could use the same data to get relative moduli.



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