Issues with Fluent GUI over Remote Desktop

TE_HafTE_Haf Member Posts: 4


I am using fluent on a linux workstation (CentOS 7) with a NVidia Graphics card. I use Remote Desktop (xrdp on the Linux side) to have access to Fluent's GUI, but I am having some problems with the Graphic window:

If I start Fluent normally, the window where the mesh and plots would be is 80% black, with a thin gray area with some weird black stripes.

Looking for a solution, I tried starting it with - driver opengl, and that worked partially. Now the window is translucent, so that everything in the back can be seen. I tried using a black background and minimizing everything, but gets annoying once there are several other windows open.

I read somewhere that this is a combination of opengl+remote desktop+NVidia+ANSYS problem. Is there anything that I could do to use the NVidia card and have good graphics?

This is really bad when meshing something.


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