Longitudinal MOKE signals in the FDTD solver

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I am trying to access a thread on Lumerical knowledge exchange but it was removed. I wonder if anyone can help me to see if there was any solution to the problem

Here is the link for the thread.



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    Hello @MansoorAS ,

    The suggested solution to simulating a longitudinal MOKE surface was to take the example from this link (with polar MOKE orientation) and change the orientation of the source/surface instead of trying to change the MOKE orientation:

    For example, a plane wave source propagating in the y direction with a surface oriented in the x-z plane using the MOKE material from that example would have longitudinal orientation. This is simpler than trying to come up with a new grid attribute matrix, which can be complicated. However the user didn't reply, so I'm not sure if this worked.

    Let me know if that answers your question.

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