SpaceClaim 2021R1 --> CATIA: "The required license is unavailable."

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as far as I know no extra licenses are necessary to import CATIA V5 parts.

But why do I get "The required license is unavailable.", when attaching a CATIA V5 part?

I won't get this error when importing the same part in SpaceClaim 2020R2.

I have a Named User Subscription (Node-locked Licensing: 1 month Test).

Any ideas?

Did ANSYS change something regarding licensing between those two SpaceClaim versions?



  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 161Ansys Employee

    Under the %TEMP%\.ansys directory you should see a file named: licdebug.SPACECLAIM.211.out

    Can you please post the contents of this file as we are not permitted open files.

  • piknockyoupiknockyou Posts: 24Member

    Here you go:

    Password is ANSYS.

    It is NOT a file.

  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 161Ansys Employee

    Can you paste the contents here?

    Also, are you sing an Academic version or Free Student version?

    I believe if you are not using the Free Student version, you would need a "ANSYS SpaceClaim Catia V5 Interface" license.

    Can you also paste the contents of your license file?

  • piknockyoupiknockyou Posts: 24Member

    2020 R2

    2021/05/03 12:26:28  CLIENT_CONNECT                                              2/2/2/2  36760:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6420: 

    2021/05/03 12:26:28  NEW_CONNECTION   Connected to local subscription handler: 52654@

    2021/05/03 12:26:28  ACT_CHECKOUT    disc_ess            20.2 (2021.0522)       1/1/1/1         2/2/2/2  36760:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6420: 

    2021/05/03 12:26:28  CHECKOUT      DISCOVERY_SPACECLAIM      20.2 (2020.0507)      1/1/1/-1         2/2/2/2  36760:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6420: 

    2021/05/03 12:27:12  CLIENT_EXIT                                               1/2/2/2  36760:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6420: 

    2021 R1

    2021/05/03 12:27:35  CLIENT_CONNECT                                              2/2/2/2  37684:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6372: 

    2021/05/03 12:27:35  NEW_CONNECTION   Connected to local subscription handler: 52689@

    2021/05/03 12:27:35  ACT_CHECKOUT    disco_level1          21.1 (2021.0522)       1/1/1/1         2/2/2/2  37684:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6372: 

    2021/05/03 12:27:35  CHECKOUT      FEAT_DISCO_LEVEL1        21.1 (2020.1029)      1/1/1/-1         2/2/2/2  37684:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6372: 

    2021/05/03 12:28:41  CLIENT_EXIT                                               1/2/2/2  37684:SPACECLAIM:Kahnamooi@WORK013.DOMUS.SPRINGERGMBH.DE:winx64  6372: 

    I have a fully licensed Mechanical Pro version.

    But this one does not bother me and probably has nothing to do with my problem.

    I recently acquired a Named User Subscription (Node-locked Licensing: 1 month Test) for SpaceClaim only.

    And this one does not have a license file. It is licensed through Discovery Licensing Mode Manager: "Subscription".

    My problem is: "The required license is unavailable.", when attaching a CATIA V5 part in SpaceClaim 2021 R1, but I won't get this error when importing the same part in SpaceClaim 2020R2.

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 849Ansys Employee

    @piknockyou could you share your Ansys Account Number with me so I can investigate further and try reproducing the issue?

  • piknockyoupiknockyou Posts: 24Member

    My account number ist: 1076111 

    Did you see the naming conventions which I highlighted in BOLD from my previous post?

    2020 R2 VS 2021 R1

    disco_level1  VS disc_ess 


    Do you think it has something to do with that?

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 849Ansys Employee

    @piknockyou Given you are a commercial customer, I would recommend you connect with Ansys support through your local Ansys office or your Ansys Reseller for more in depth support of this issue. It appears support should be available from CAD-FEM GmbH. I'm not able to reproduce the issue, I can import a CATIA v5 file with either of those licenses.

  • piknockyoupiknockyou Posts: 24Member
    edited May 5

    I will. Thank you.

    Would you know something about the naming conventions I mentioned before?

    Shouldn't they be the same?

    Is it correct for me to assume, that my version of SpaceClaim has nothing to do/interact with the applications & services of the ANSYS Client Licensing and ANSYS License Management Center?

    They are not needed to run the application with my Named User Subscription, are they?

    I kind of answered both of questions by stopping the following services & applications from the Task Manager:

    • ANSYS, Inc. License Manager 
    • ANSYS Licensing Tomcat
    • ansysli_monitor.exe
    • ansysli_server.exe
    • lmgrd.exe
    • ansyslmd.exe

    I can still run & work with SpaceClaim (2020 R2 & 2021 R1), since my access seems to be granted through my ANSYS account login credentials (E-Mail Address & Password). But I am still not able to open CATIA files with 2021 R1.

    Would you please check if this is also the case for you after stopping the listed services & apps?

    Thank you. : )

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 849Ansys Employee

    @piknockyou The names of the features are due to changes made to the code at the different releases. I am still able to run and import with just my subscription licenses.

  • piknockyoupiknockyou Posts: 24Member

    You can import CATIA files into SpaceClaim 2021 R1, when all of the listed apps & services are turned off?

  • mmadoremmadore Posts: 849Ansys Employee

    Yes, that's correct. With only the disco_level1 license being used from the subscription license.

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