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Hi Lumerical Support team,

For the interference/scatter intensity, if our light source has been polarized and dftmonitor has been applied, which result do represent the interference/scatter intensity? Re(P) or abs(E)^2?

If we would like to output the 3D interference intensity result to Matlab, how should we do it? We try it on the dftmonitor and we only can output one slice each time.

Thanks in advance,

KC Chien


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 23Ansys Employee

    Hi KC,

    Thanks for reaching out. E^2 represents (electric) field intensity and has the units of (V/m)^2. You can find the descriptions for all quantities and their units in this article.

    For exporting, try using the matlabsave command which will save the data as is; if the data in monitor is 3D it will be saved as 3D. You can click on the monitor, to see the available results in bottom left. Click on the results of interest (e.g. E) and send to script. Then try using the matlabsave command.

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