Can someone help me to build a model of a ping pong ball please?

I am interested in studying a ping pong ball's flight in the air and using Ansys 2020 R2 Fluent at the moment. How can I create the geometry model? A ping pong ball has the following characteristics:

Inner Diametre is 39.60 mm, Outer Diamtre 40.20 mm and the shell thickness 0.30mm. The weight of a ball is 2.70 g.

How do I add the air into the project? I read about treating air as an enclosure in earlier versions of Ansys CFD but I don't know how to add the air flow for my project in Ansys 2020 R2.

I would appreciate if anyone can show me step by step how to achieve the above.


Xiu (practice_ping_pong)


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