Convergence Testing - mesh override dx sweep

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Here is what I want do:

  • convergence testing by doing a parameter sweep of the transmission value when changing the override x mesh step size in the mesh object
  • I am interested to know for a specific frequency, where my transmission is at maximum dependent of how i choose my mesh size in x

The problem:

  • when getting the results for the transmission by using 'getsweepresult', the values for the transmission seem to be the same for all values of the mesh step sizes. However I am very certain they should be different
  • How can I perform the sweep correctly? It seems to be that the mesh size isn't actually changed when looking at the results (see image of script below)


Best Answer

  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 91Ansys Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hello @mve ,

    The "override x mesh" property of the mesh override object is a boolean value that determines whether or not the mesh override changes the x mesh. To change the mesh spacing in your parameter sweep, you need to use the "dx" property:


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