Unable to edit FDTD geometry

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I am using the example from https://support.lumerical.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042096033-Plasmonic-metamaterial-absorber

I can get the expected results shown on the website.

However, why can't I edit the size of FDTD in its geometry tap?

I would like to scale up the whole model in the example, but I cannot change the FDTD.

Could someone please shed light on it?


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  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 91Ansys Employee
    Accepted Answer

    Hello @anthony797 ,

    Is there a model setup script?

    The simulation can be parameterized using a model setup script, based on the parameters in the "Variables" tab. If the geometry is set using a model setup script, then this will override any changes you make to the geometry. You can change the geometry by changing the parameter values in the "Variables" tab, editing the setup script, or just deleting the setup script and editing the objects directly.

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