inclined hexagonal nano pillar simulatin-FDTD

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I have been used hexagonal periodic structure. in this case, I can make a simulation. by using periodic boundary condition.

I make that simulation region at first image. because that is hexagonal structure unit cell..

but, in this inclined hexagonal nano pillar array. I need help. how can I make this periodic array simulation..

I want to know.. what boundary condition I need to solve this problem..

I want to attach my simulation but It is now allowed in this ask question tap.. at there I used the BFAST source for radiating angled source..

if someone need my simulation for helping me.. please give me email : Thanks :)


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    Thanks for reaching out. In the first project you need to use Bloch boundary condition since the EM fields are not periodic. Both fields and structures need to be periodic when using the “periodic” boundary condition. You can find more info about this here. I think the setup for the second project would be very similar as long as you ensure the simulation region correctly represents a unit cell (fully encompassing in z direction and correct symmetry in xy).

    Kind regards

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