High Q one dimensional photonic crystal

skvarshneyskvarshney Member Posts: 2


I have been trying to replicate a paper on one dimensional photonic crystal of air holes etched in silicon as attached.

I have tried replicating structure given in figure 3 of the paper and attached the lumerical structure.I have used mode source of TE polarization and also the high Q analysis group to calculate the Q factor. The field have decayed in my simulation and auto shutoff level has reached 1E-5. So, there is no issue of the divergence.

The transmission spectrum that I got is not the same as given in figure 4 of the paper. I am getting all the peaks except the one that have high Q. Here, is the transmission spectrum that I have got.

I have done very fine meshing and run the simulation for long period of time. Still I am not able to get the high Q peak.

Please tell me what I am missing in my simulation.

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