License not valid on Ansys Student 2021 R1

emmademmad Member Posts: 1

Hi everyone,

I am a French student who downloaded Ansys Student 2021 R1 this morning, and when I tried to mesh my object, it was written "license not valid". Thus, I could not continue my project.

Did it happen to you ? did you find any solution ?

Thank you for your help,



  • Geo KarnosGeo Karnos Posts: 161Ansys Employee

    Hello Emma,

    Did you have another version installed before installing 2021 R1?

    Have you tried uninstalling, renaming the c:\program files\Ansys Inc\Ansys Student directory to Ansys Student_old

    Then reinstall from the newly downloaded software after extracting it into a temporary directory.

    Bes Regards,


  • emmademmad Posts: 2Member

    Hello Geo,

    Unfortunately, I did not

    Do you have another idea ?

    Thank you

  • RobRob UKPosts: 9,127Forum Coordinator

    Can you mesh a simple cube with a few thousand cells, ie cube 10m x 10m x 10m with cell size of 1. There is a cell count cap which gives a licence error if you exceed it.

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