Maxwell-Fluent System Coupling Question

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Hello guys,

I'm an undergrad research assistant and I'm working on a research project with SynRMs, and I'm back again with yet another question. At the moment I'm trying to do System Coupling between Maxwell and Fluent for thermal analysis. I'm following the steps described in the "Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Co-Simulation (Maxwell-Fluent)" in the System Coupling Tutorial PDF from ANSYS Learning Hub to set up my own simulation model. I'm done setting up the Maxwell2D model and setting up System Coupling for it, but I'm stuck when it comes to Fluent. In the tutorial, an archived Pre-Coupling Fluent file is provided ("ElectricMotorSteadyStationary.cas.h5"), but since I'm not working on the tutorial and I'm simply following the steps to set up my own model, how do I go about creating a Fluent case file for myself?

I've added a screenshot from the tutorial PDF to make it clear what step and file I'm referring to.

Thank you! :)


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