Quiz in Intro to Material Performance

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There are two quizzes in the intro to material performance course. Both of these contain the same questions. But there are few ambiguities with the options and the answers stored on the system.

1) In the second quiz, there are 4 questions that need to be typed. With the same options and statements, 1st quiz has 9 correct answers and in the second, I am getting only 2. How is it possible?

2) In the first quiz, Q.7 asked for a high resistivity material. In the options, there are 2 (solder and coating on wires) but it is expecting only 1. Why is it so?

3) For making foams, solid, liquid, and gas all are used. But in 1st assignment, all options are needed to be selected and in 2nd assignment, it is being asked to give the name of only two. What is the correct option?


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