Interconnect, mixing scripted element signal with a scripted laser source

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I have been trying to simulate doppler effect with lumerical interconnect by building a moving mirror target element out of a scripted element. The laser light going to the moving mirror will have a frequency chirp and the chirping depends on the speed of the target, however, when I mix this signal with the LO signal. It shows that the signal is not mixed, at least during the simulation. How can I solve this problem? Thank in advance.😁



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    doppler effect involves frequency conversion, which is a nonlinear process. INTERCONNECT is a linear simulation tool. I am not sure how to simulate such circuits. I will ask my colleague to reply you later.

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    Hi franktianlalala,

    Thank you for posting here. What do you mean by simulating a moving mirror in INTERCONNECT? Thought he LO signal mix should work properly. You can just use a directional coupler for it, and here is an example of using LO beating with signal in a QPSK receiver:

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    Thank you for the answers, however, this is not what I was asking. I can do mixing of LO signal with the signal reflected from the target. The problem here is that if I intentionally change the frequency of light after light bounce back from the mirror target, the frequency shifted light can no longer mix with the LO signal with coupler. this is why in the OSA after the coupler, i can only see the peak from LO signal but not the delayed frequency shifted signal from mirror. I do the frequency shift through the scripted element and simple change{i}.channel{j}.bandwidth.frequency. In the picture u see with a normal mirror, the two peak appear in the OSA but with moving mirror, the peak from mirror target disappear. Thank you.

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    Hi franktianlalala,

    Since this platform doesn't allow us to open attachements, do you mind showing your design in a screenshot here? I don't quite understand how you implement this design with the information you provide in the text. Thank you.

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