How to decide "time at the end of load step" for a transient analysis.?

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I'm carrying out an electromagnetic transient analysis in ANSYS APDL and enable to decide a specific time for the analysis . As I'm getting different result for different time, by which it has become difficult to decide which result is correct.

The analysis is - a copper sleeve is rotating at 188 RPS (Hz) and a Halbach magnet is held stationary opposite of copper sleeve (see fig.). In this problem I'm calculating Lorentz force associated with copper plate through transient analysis. But everytime I get different result for different time. Is there any criteria to decide the "time at the end of load step" for a transient analysis.?

Please provide the guidance for the same.

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    It's possible you haven't reached a steady state solution. If the velocity is step applied it will take a while for the currents to reach steady state. That should be a way of evaluating the results - whether the currents have stopped varying with time. If the velocity is ramped with time, different length load steps will result in rates of rotational acceleration. In that case a second load step should be used to allow the solution to reach steady state.

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