Thermal Phase shifter with doped silicon resistor

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I am trying to simulate phase shifter by placing a doped silicon resistor 0.6um away from waveguide core. In HEAT, I am biasing this resistor similar to Aluminum wire ohmic loss simulation example. I replaced the Aluminum wire with a silicon slab and used constant doping with 1e20 concentration. When I simulate this, I am not seeing any temperature change. Can someone please advice on this?

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    Hi Dharma,

    Good question. The value for electrical conductivity remains relevant when the doping dependence model is enabled; the change in conductivity due to doping is based on this value.




  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 82Ansys Employee


    It is possible that the doping or the doping dependence model is not applied to your simulation as intended. I recommend following the suggestions provided in this post which addresses the very same issue.

    Kind regards

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    Hi kghaffari,

    Thanks for the reply. I followed that post you mentioned. I did have doping defined correctly. Can you please clarify if user need to provide both electrical conductivity and doping dependence?

    Lumerical online documentation has information about doping dependence and the calculation of electrical conductivity. But, If I provide doping dependence parameters and leave electrical conductivity as 0, does solver overwrite it or consider it as 0?


    Dharma Paladugu

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    Hi Kghaffari,

    Thanks again for the reply.

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