connectivity matrix in HEAT solver

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Hi Support team,

1) Can you please explain why in HEAT solver we need a connectivity matrix (elements) to connect it to X,Y,Z coordinates to

mesh cells? How is it contribute to the calculation?

2) Why do we use it only in HEAT solver and not in FDE solver, for example?

3) In your example of "Thermally tuned waveguide (FDE)" there are two mat files:

3.1) One describes the full HEAT simulation region: elements size 76X3, with x, y, z (size 48X1)

3.2) The second describes the wg_monitor1: elements size 9X3, with x, y, z (size 9)

which elements is:

3.3) What does it mean that the first case "elements" and x,y,z have different row size, and for the second case; "elements" and

x,y,z have the same row size = 9?

3.4) what are the values in the elements array below represent?




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