How can I setup the absorbed optical power analysis group properly for periodic boundaries?

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I read that I need to modify the script on the advanced absorbed optical power analysis group, however in that part of the script, I am bit confused about what exactly I need to change. It indicates that I need to enable the 1st IF statement and then enable the IF statement for the desired boundaries. I am not sure how I can enable those two statements. Please advise.



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    yes, you are right. Since the symmetric and anti-symmetric BCs are also periodic BCs (if on both sides), the extracted data will flip. for example:

    if (length(getdata(m,"x",1)) != length(getdata(m,"x",2))) {?"Unfold in X direction";


    I hope this is helpful.


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    The script in analysis group could be smarter by directly extracting the boundary conditions. For the current script, If(0) means the loop will not be executed; if(1) means the loop will be executed. You can check the "if" statement for each axis and make sure it works. You can set some output results to make sure it is what you expect. If it is complicated for you, please refer some examples which use this analysis group in periodic boundary conditions such as the solar examples: Energy - list of examples – Lumerical Support

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    Thanks for the reply. If I understood it correctly, this means by changing the If(0) to If(1) in the 1st "If statement" the analysis group would consider my boundaries as periodic? I also checked the examples you shared and in the plasmonic solar cells I can see the exact same analysis group is used but since the boundaries were set as symmetric/antisymmetric, then there were no changes made to the "If statement", as it was noted in the script. Please let me know if my understanding is correct.

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    Yes, very helpful. Thank you very much.

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