Divergence in Anisotropic material

skvarshneyskvarshney Member Posts: 6


I am trying to simulate anisotropic material structures, but getting divergence problem.

Can we simulate anisotropic material using PML BCs, as when I am using periodic condition I am not getting divergence issue and also the Reflection spectrum is correct.

My structure is not periodic so, I need to use PML BCs


  • greg_baethgegreg_baethge Posts: 156Ansys Employee

    Hi @skvarshney,

    Thanks for posting your question on the forum. Simulation can diverge for various reasons. Here, the PML seems to be the culprit. Is the anisotropic material object extending through the PML? You can try to use the "stabilized" PML profile to see if it helps. See this post for more information about diverging simulation in FDTD.

    Another situation that can cause a divergence with anisotropic material is when you use symmetric or anti-symmetric boundaries. In this case, simply use PML instead of symmetric/anti-symmetric.

    I hope this will help!

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