Four wave mixing nonlinear straight waveguide

larivlariv Member Posts: 3

I am trying to convert the four wave mixing example

into a straight waveguide to observe third harmonic generation and four wave mixing effects. However the simulation is not working when I analyze the transmission. The linear analysis seems fine. The nonlinear part of adjusting the source is the problem.

The source is defined as:

The waveguide material is the same as in the example.

Any idea what is wrong here?



  • gsungsun Posts: 1,376Ansys Employee

    I am not sure what exactly is wrong. I guess it is the enter wavelength? you can first set the wavelength in frequency domain, then set the parameters in time domain. Actually a simple way to do this is to directly copy the two sources from MODE to FDTD, by simply selecting them, then use Ctrl-C in MODE and in FDTD use Ctrl-V. Please try.

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