How to normalize transmission to light source

emh711emh711 Member Posts: 12

I am currently using a Gaussian source. The structure that I am simulating is a nanohole.

I am trying to normalize %transmission to the size of nanohole and the size of the beam profile.

The way I am approaching this is to get a constant A = (Diameter of nanohole / FWHW of a beam profile)^2

If I understand correctly, % transmission is (power out/power in).

To normalize %transmission, would it make sense to multiple or divide %transmission by constant A?


  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 112Ansys Employee

    Hi emh711,

    The transmission is already normalized to source power and give him the link of "transmission". If you want to plot transmission vs beam width, he can make a plot by change different beam width.

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