How Ge PD performance change with device length,width and height?

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I am confused with how photodetector perforamnce change with device geometry. I really wish to get your help.

I summarize the performance changes with Ge length, width, and height into a table, which mark "?“ stand for that I don’t know how it changes, could anyone knows gives me an answer?

In addition, is the content of the form I filled out correct?

If anyone could tell me, I would be very grateful!

Best regards!


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    Hi @zhenjiehan,

    Thanks for your post. I'm not too sure how the absorption/responsivity will evolve with the width and height of the Ge element, I guess it mostly depends on how the light couples from the Si to Ge. I would expect an optimum dimension beyond which, increasing the size won't change the absorption.

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    Thank you for your respond.

    I got the answer to this question from other ways.

    The approximate trend of the table should be as follows:

    Anyway, thank you for your respond.

    Best regards!

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