How to find S-Parameters at different temperature?

Dear all,

I want to find the S-parameters of the microstrip line at different temperature but when I set " Object Temperature" it is not working at all.

Someone has recently suggested me to import the file design into ice pack but after importing the file i am unable to see the S-parameters.

Can someone please suggest how to do the analysis?

It would be really appreciated!


  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 371Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Jagmohan,

    Please go through "Setting the Temperature of Objects" section of the HFSS help document for detailed explanation.

    You heard right regarding the use of Icepak. Once you do the analysis in the Icepak of AEDT then you can go into the HFSS model to see the effects.

    Make sure that "enable feedback is selected" in the HFSS design settings as shown the section stated earlier.

    All the very best.

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