Checking license server status and license usage on the ANSYS license manager

LitoLito Ansys Employee Posts: 31
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The process shows how to check for the ANSYS license server status, usage, and availability of licenses from a machine running Lumerical.


Open a command prompt and run:

"C:\Program Files\Lumerical\v212\licensingclient\winx64\lmutil.exe" lmstat -c 1055@your_server -a


Open terminal and run:

/opt/lumerical/v212/licensingclient/linx64/lmutil lmstat -c 1055@your_server -a


1055 == default port used by Ansys license server

{SERVER} == replace with your license server hostname or IP address

../lumerical/v211/.. == default install path for 2021 R1 release

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