Simulation of force on the sucker rod string in a well.

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Professor, ,I am a novice. I have a qusetion .I want to know the force on the sucker rod string in a well.And i need your help.

1.I want to draw a wellbore, but it's not vertical, I know its x and y coordinates at every height, can I enter the xy coordinate table into SpaceClaim to draw a cylinder, and if so, what step should I do?

2. I want to analyze the force on the sucker rod, but I don't know his material.I would like to analyze its deformation under external force (no need to consider fracture) and the analysis of friction force with liquid. Could you please tell me what parameters of the material I need to know if I cannot determine all the parameters of the material?

Thank you for your help.😀

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    I'd start by reviewing the tutorials to see how the solvers (CFD and Mechanical) behave. That will also highlight what material data you need to complete the model.

    Have a look at the SpaceClaim tutorials and documentation regarding the well centreline data. Vertical is simply an abstract concept in simulation as we can move gravity to suit the model, if the well is also not straight then you'll need to account for that in the geometry.

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