Drying from porous media

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I am trying to model drying of water from a porous media made with uniform glass spheres. I am applying 1000 W/m2 heat flux from top to accelerate the evaporation process. Can anybody please help me to model these phenomena in ANSYS or from where can I start?


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    You'll need a multiphase model. Remember that porous media is a lumped parameter model so technically doesn't occupy any space. You may also want the non-equilibrium part to account for the glass warming up.

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    Hi Rob,

    Thank you very much for your answer. Can you please provide me an example from which I can get the basic idea?

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    No, we're not permitted to share examples on here (the wider community can) due to the export laws we operate under. I can say it's fairly straightforward and I used the Eulerian model last time I did it in support of a client.

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