Opening course files using ANSYS 19.1

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I’m trying to load some course examples from the ‘Thermal Conductivity’ course, but I’m using ANSYS 19.1 - I'm not allowed to install any newer versions due to work constraints. I was wondering what version the files were created in as nothing appears when I load in the geometry and I am unable to proceed with step 2 of the tutorial. Please can you advise me what version the downloads use and if it's possible to load them in 19.1?

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  • sdeogekasdeogeka Posts: 233Member

    Hello George,

    The simulation files were created using Ansys 2020 version. Unfortunately, the files are not backwards compatible. So you can open them using Ansys 2020 or 2021, but not using the 2019 version. If you have access to a personal computer, you could install the student version for free on it and run the simulations.


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