Mechanical APDL 2021 R2 LOAD ERROR

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Hello everyone, I am having problems when applying loads on a node using Mechanical APDL 2021 R2, what I am doing is as follows:

First I create a spring element type then I assign a real constant, after this I model two nodes and create an element, when applying a displacement there is no problem but when applying a load there is warning (see attached image).

Any idea on how to solve it?

Thank you in advance

Note: For older versions, there seems to be no issues.


  • dloomandlooman Posts: 147Ansys Employee

    Perhaps the model is not constrained and that's why an applied displacement works. If a node has no stiffness, as would be the case in an unconstrained model, the node is removed. Is the node at the other end of the spring constrained? I'm assuming you aren't using any select commands that would have unselected the node.

  • panquepanque Posts: 2Member

    Hi, thanks for replying, actually the model is well constrained. Im working on version 2021 R1 right now and it's working fine, but I have been unable to make it work on version 2021 R2. I have seen around the web the same problem but so far no solution. Thank you.

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    I am facing the same problem in R2 version. The point load on a particular keypoint/node is not working. Is it an error in the version or some procedure that we need to follow.



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