Preloaded Bolted Joint Analysis - course workshop

I have been working on the above course and am having meshing issues for some reason, and once I adjust the mesh I am getting results that are not correct. I am getting a stress riser on the bolt for some reason.

If I follow the video settings I get t he following error message:

When you right click on a message you can go to the problematic geometry, I am assuming it is the geometry highlighted green in the figure below.

If I click on Mesh, and go to advanced and change Rigid face Mesh from Quad/Tri to only Tri, the mesh works.

Then I get the following issue/solution: Bolt is at the top location

In the video the max stress is 388 MPa. bolt is at the bottom location.

I have complete the model a few times with the same result.

Not sure what to try next to resolve the issue.


  • bsistabsista Posts: 101Member

    Hi RDJ, thanks for reporting this, and my apologies for the delay in getting back. We were able to replicate the meshing issues with the geometry in the most recent version and we're trying to clean up the geometry so it works with the settings provided in the video. We're also looking into the high stresses that you reported in your post, we don't expect it to be that high since the mesh settings are changed only on parts with rigid body definition. I suspect if any of the contacts are resulting in singularities, we'll get back to you soon on that. Thanks for your patience!

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