Meaning of gridpoints in log files

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What does 'simulation size in gridpoints' mean in the log file generated after simulation?

I thought it was the number of grid points in the FDTD, but that's different from the value.

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  • gsungsun Posts: 953Ansys Employee
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    Hi, the monitor only records the data inside the simulation, whereas the log file gives more information about the meshing and segmentation for distributed parallel computation.

    For end users only the monitor data/gridpoints are important, since this is how will you process the data later.

    For meshing and segmentation it not only considers the regions (as you can see it has several meshing regions) but also considers the boundary conditions, connection points in different regions for distributed computation. It also depends on the resources settings. If you test one process 1 thread and let the monitor larger enough to extend outside of PML, and choose to record result in PML, the grid points will be about the same. However since Yee is a cube with 6 grind points there is minor difference in counting.

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