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Hi all,

I'm the guy who is in charge of the Ansys-Lumerical license server.

Our Ansys-Lumerical license server is running on a RHEL 6.10 and the version is lumerical-flexlm-1.13.2170 .

When I tried via the web interface to add the new license, the following error appears (in /opt/lumerical/lumerical-flexlm/logs/lmadmin.log):

root.Vendor (ansyslmd) ERROR: vendor binary ansyslmd not found - request to start ignored.


Do I have to install the ANSYS License Manager 2021 R2 for Linux package in order to be able to use our new license or can I just upgrade to Lumerical FlexLM v1.15.2540 for Linux ?

In case I have to install the ANSYS LM, will our Lumerical FDTD versions still be working (fdtd/8.20.1703 & 2020-R2.4-2502)?

Thank you for your help.


Yours sincerely,

Jean-Claude De Giorgi


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