The resonance varies with the chosen frequency range

Hi, i have a problem with the software. I tried to analyze a sensor (spiral resonator) and the solution ( Re(Z)) seems to change with the range of frequencies. But the resonant frequency should always be the same, even if I reduce the analysis frequency range. Why? Can anybody help me? Thanks 


  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 371Forum Coordinator

    Hi @a_masi,

    Please share more information about your issue to help us serve you better like the version of the tool and the tool name.

    You can also provide screenshots of your model along with the comparison of the results.

    If the solution frequency is same then the frequency response will be same for different ranges.

    Kindly check whether the solution is converged or not. You can also have strict conditions for convergence.

    All the very vest.

  • a_masia_masi Posts: 2Member

    Thanks @pmunaga, I try to explain the problem better. If I do an analysis from 500 to 600 MHz, I find a resonance peak at about 560 MHz. If I tighten the frequency range, for example between 550 and 570 MHz, the resonance is lost and I find, for example, an increasing trend. This happens to me both with PMLs and by setting only radiation boxes. And I don't understand how this is possible...

  • pmunagapmunaga Posts: 371Forum Coordinator

    Hi @a_masi,

    Please check whether the solution is converged or not. Try increasing the count against converged passes.

    May I know what was the solution frequency used in both of the cases that you said in this post.

    Did you try using the discrete sweep or the interpolating one?

    If your design contains auto open regions then make sure that your are using sufficient padding.

    All the very best.

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