Positioning ellipse ring in Lumerical

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I am building a model of ellipsoid rings.

I think there's a bug with the center position once I mark the ring element as ellipsoid: the coordinates (x,y) of the center position of the ellipse are double of the set values for x and y.

Even when I select the element in the GUI - the cross-hair marker shows the set point of the center, but there's no ring there. Instead of (-0.5,-0.4)um, it's at (-1,-0.8)um. It occurs even if "radius" and "radius 2" are the same - as long as I set "make ellipsoid" as true.

  • My FDTD version is 2021 R2. I don't know if this happens in previous versions.
  • This doesn't happen if the ring isn't ellipsoid, and also doesn't happen for a circle element that I mark as an ellipsoid.

I attached the model file for tests.


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