Student Competition Software Sponsorship: FAQs and Checklist

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1) How do I apply for software sponsorship?

Teams should submit this application form (Category = Student teams > We are a new team). Make sure you apply for sponsorship within the allotted submission window for your team.

2) My professor/faculty advisor/principal does not have an official email id provided by the college. He/she uses an open email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or equivalent service provider’s email service). Should I submit the form?

An official email address is required for receiving this offer. Please do not submit the form if this is not available. Such teams should use free student products available here:

3) What is the deadline for submitting the application form?

Interested teams should submit the application form as per their team’s submission date window provided by competition organisers. Note that the team submitting the application form outside the submission window (prior or later) will be rejected without notice. 

4) Our team already applied for the software sponsorship this year and received free software from Ansys. Can we reapply again?

You are not eligible to apply again.

5) Do I need to pay for offered software & license?

You are receiving the software through the Ansys sponsorship program defined for student competition teams. So, you will be getting the software & license for FREE.

6) How long the software will run and on which platform?

The license will be valid for one year starting from the license release date. The software will run on Windows.

7) How many license keys will be provided per team?

5 Licenses will be provided per team on 5 individual laptops. Note that only ONE Student (Team Captain) per team should submit the application form.

8) I have filled the form. When should I receive the software & license key?

Ansys license team will contact student teams within one week after submission and share the license form to be filled, signed, and returned. It will take at least 1-2 weeks to release the license once you submit it back.  

9) Who will receive access to download the software and license key?

The professor signing the license form will get access.

10) Which Ansys products will be activated when I install the license key?

The license keys (Ansys Academic Research Mechanical, CFD, Granta, EM & HF) will give you access to Ansys Workbench based solvers such as static structural, thermal, electromagnetics and fluids along with geometry and meshing tools.

11) Are there any restrictions/limitations imposed on offered research version of the product similar to openly available Ansys Student products?

The academic research version is the same as a commercial product except in terms of use. So there are no restrictions/limitations imposed. You could generate mesh with unlimited notes/elements/cells using this product.

12) Who should sign the license form?

The faculty advisor or HOD or Principal should sign the license form. Students are not allowed to sign.

13) What is the Ansys Learning forum? What is expected from my team?

It is the forum where you can interact with engineers, researchers, and professors. On this platform, you can post the technical questions for getting help from community members. We encourage students to explore our forum for help/suggestions however your participation in the community is completely optional.

14) I do not have Ansys stickers/logos with me. What should I do?

Hold on! Ansys would try to send you the Ansys stickers later.

15) Whom should I contact if I have any questions/queries regarding this offer?

Please post the question on the forum. Ansys will help you. For competition-related questions, please contact competion organisers.

16) Whom should I contact if I face any software installation issues?

Please post your question on this learning forum. Our engineers will guide you.  

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