different shape of structured adding in one structural group

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Hello, How to add different types of structures in the same structural group by script command, as I am seeing it only add the 1st type of structure not all other type.



  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 204Ansys Employee

    Hello @Infinite ,

    The addtogroup script command should work for any geometry object, for example:

    addtogroup("::model::G1::G2"); #this object is added to the group "G2"
    addtogroup("::model::G1::G2"); #this object is added to the group "G2"

    Does this answer your question?

  • InfiniteInfinite Posts: 34Member

    Hello Kjohnson,

    Thank you for the answer.

    At line to of the script, it is showing syntax error. I am typing this on the script of another structure group. So I assume this another structure group is 'G2' and 'G1' some object already present under my model right?

    So is there any properties that I need to add first on the G2 property option?

    Also if I want to rotate one of the structure then how to set rotation?

    Thank you

  • kjohnsonkjohnson Posts: 204Ansys Employee

    Hi @Infinite ,

    This script was designed to be run from an *.lsf file, but it shouldn't be showing a syntax error if it's run from a structure group setup script. If the structure groups in the "addtogroup" command don't exist they should be created, for example:

    You can rotate structure groups or individual objects by changing the settings in the "Rotations" tab of the edit dialog window, or by using the "set" command:

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