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in step 4 of this example :

For the RF MODE simulation, why is the resistance set for 1um?

Also, how come we can use the DC capacitance rather than the frequency dependent capacitance?



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    To add to my question, how were the dimensions of the Al determined, such as the 50um x-span of the Al_right_top part?

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    The RF simulation in MODE is set up for 1um (set through y span of R and C 2D rectangles). You can perform the simulation for any length, however the calculated RC and the span in MODE have to be updated.

    Both DC and AC capacitance are calculated in compared in the example. There, we explain that the values are close given that capacitance is independent of frequency in reverse bias.

    Regarding geometry specifics, the article replicates the structure mentioned in the reference work. The contact lengths for example match the values given in the publication.

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    thanks for answering so quickly.

    Could you clarify why the y span of the R and C 2D rectangles was chosen to be 1um rather than the 5000 um that is used in the interconnect model?

    Also, just for my understanding, does the y-span of the 2D rectangles actually change anything, given that the simulation is based on the cross-section of the device? Or is it just the R and C values that matter?

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    To add to my question:

    in the script "tw_modulator_DEVICE_Rslab.lsf" the Resistance is calculated using Ohms law V/I but I don't understand why it is divided by 100 when it gets written to the text file.

    Could you clarify that?

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