small-signal AC for SiGe EAM

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I'm working on the Electro-absorption modulator example from the official website ( I'm wondering if the small-signal AC is taking into account. It seems that only DC is considered in this example, and the result was carried out by the equivalent circuit method.

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  • GWANGGWANG Posts: 99Ansys Employee

    Hi AaronHuang,

    I think that can be done in CHARGE step. CHARGE has AC, DC, and transient modes.

    One thing to worry about is if it is expected that there will be large carrier density in MQW layer due to absorption. Then this carrier density should be included in the CHARGE simulation at the given DC point, by defining a generation rate object in CHARGE that can be exported from optical simulation. For example, we do this export from FDTD in our photodetector examples.

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