Seat Welds, and Uplift forces

Hi All,

This is a joist seat that will be welded to support  with 2" long fillet weld at the toes of bottom seat angles as shown. An uplift force(blue arrow) will lift seat up. So the only connection between the seat assembly and support is the 2" long fillet weld on the side(angle toe). The top angles and bottom angles are welded only on the inside with 3" fillet on each side. Under uplift load, the bottom angle horizontal legs will flex or bend and/ or the top and bottom angles may open up at the toe of the vertical leg of seat angle.

1. How do i model the support/seat connection?

2. Is welded treated as solid, but i need to assign different material properties for the weld?

3. How does Ansys know that the weld is connected to two materials together?

4. How do I draw a solid rod between the top angles? the rod will be welded to top angles.







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