PCB meshing errors in trace mapping feature

Hi guys, Im doing a thermal stress analysis for a PCB. but I got some meshing errors that I cant fix in past two days. Errors as forllowing;

This PCB model is imported from TGZ file as the trace mapping feature tutorial said and it has 40+ layers with 90+ bodys in 400*400mm. Is it too complex to mesh? Cos i tried 7 and 20 layers PCB before they were successfully calculated(2/1 mm meshing size). But now im using default meshing method with 20/10/5/1/0.5 mm size they all failed.

I also tried virtual topology to fix model and other 3D model tools in SC, that dosent work either. There are some problematic geometry figures below;

Any ideas guys? thanks a lot.


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  • gnagappgnagapp Posts: 197Forum Coordinator
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    Try reducing the mesh size and see if it helps. Failed mesh image shows large size on the planar face, but the thickness is very small. So the aspect ratio is probably high(poor mesh quality)

    Or you can turn off quality checks in details of mesh and see if it helps

    See if parts are sweepable or if you can use Multizone mesh. You can control the mesh sequence. Select a body and generate the mesh on selected bodies. Then mesh the adjacent connected bodies.

    Or if you can use contacts instead of shared topology, that should make meshing easier


  • UncleyangUncleyang Posts: 7Member

    Hi gnagapp,

    Some of your suggest I`ve tried before which didnt help to sovle the error directly but helped in finding root problem. I had a solid layer that needed to be meshed in Multizone and the rest of layers still using sweep. Then, it worked.

    By the way, when I tried to imprint face (or faces) on the top layer of PCB, it does make errors like above. And I solved this problem with same method. May be there are some thing wrong when I imprint faces with Spaceclaim. Anyway, thans your repley.


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